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A Never-Ending Journey

"Our world is anything but 'normal'. Our world is alien, strange, confusing, difficult, yet has more majesty than our wildest dreams. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone into totally new surroundings, sounds, and smells? If so, I’m thrilled you’ve discovered the Sci-Stories Project.

I am a Marine Biologist & Performing Artist. I started conducting interviews & recording "audio logs" from the early age of 10 years old. Always curious--I'm an addict for connecting with the magic that exists within each and every being on our planet. Now, having traveled, performed & conducted research at some of our planet's most unique places--I am driven to ensure each new storytelling project mends broken relationships that prevent us from connecting with our environment.

Follow me and my team as we explore the diverse wonders of our everyday world. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to do the same."

-Xochitl Clare
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