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The Sci-Stories Project Community is built from leaders of conservation, to education to performance art & filmmaking--We are always looking for fresh minds, businesses and organizations to join our network.



Sci-Stories Project Founder

Xochitl Clare is a Marine Biologist & Performing Artist (Theater Arts B.A. & Marine Biology B.S. 17' UC Santa Cruz) who is currently investigating the effects of ocean warming on fished species via ecophysiology and scientific storytelling for her Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara. Xochitl is an avid ocean explorer and shares her journey via public speaking & social media.

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Nature Vlogger

"Sable the Nature Girl" is a "born nature girl with the goal to inspire people to use their purchasing power to save our earth". Her platform focuses on products and services while sharing hands on experiences in wild spaces. Sable is currently studying Environmental Science at UC Los Angeles.

Creative Director

CEO of VLUX Visuals, Adam is an exceptionally creative visual designer and natural entrepreneur with strong networking skills and a passion for progress. He is a highly experienced Visual Designer, Video Creator & Networker. For over six years he has created bold online content for brands & individuals. He creates visual experiences
to help companies build outstanding online platforms.

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Sustainability Manager, Graphic Designer, Vlogger

Tyanna is a Sustainability Manager who helps to spearhead corporate environmental goals in the consumer products space. She inspires fellow first-generation Asian American students to not be afraid to pursue their dreams. Tyanna is also graphic design freelancer, working with companies to curate branding assets. She shares her journey via her YouTube channel, enjoys singing, and being outdoors.

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Independent Filmmaker & Head of Production

As Head of Production in the Department of Film & Media Studies at UC Santa Barbara, Chris provides his expert insight on documentary work and storytelling. His work has aired on Netflix, PBS, NHK, A&E, Discovery, The History Channel, Travel Channel and Sundance Channel, among others. Prior to receiving his Masters degree in Documentary Film & Video from Stanford University, Chris was in East Africa as a United Nations Volunteer and in southern Chile as an Ambassadorial Scholar.


Education & Outreach

As the REEF Director Marine Science Institute Education & Outreach Program Manager at UC Santa Barbara, Scott works with Santa Barbara scientists, staff, and students (K-12) both on and off campus. Scott develops content and programs (K-12, undergraduate) to articulate the research of the Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research Program.


Independent Filmmaker & Producer

Ian Kellett is a field producer, cinematographer, storyteller and performer (National Geographic, BBC, WoodsHole Oceanographic Institution and Ocean X). Ian draws upon two decades of ocean exploration to design experiences and tell stories on expeditions that connect media to ocean solutions. As a UC Santa Barbara Lecturer, Ian loves to explore the psychology of influence and how to attune audiences to the natural world.


Performing Artist, Director & Educator

Irwin Appel is the current Chair of the Department of Theater and Dance at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), a professor of theater within the department, and the founding artistic director of Naked Shakes. From 2005-2018 until becoming department chair, he was the director of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Actor Training Program — the only BFA Acting Program in the UC System. He has also worked as a professional actor, director, and composer across the United States as well as internationally since 1982. He received his education and training at Princeton University and The Juilliard School.

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